What Is the Infinite Banking concept?

The Infinite Banking Concept is a strategy that’s being used by hundreds of thousands of people to guarantee the growth of their retirement savings and emergency funds, provide needed cash for business expansion, college expenses and more.

This strategy is a proven alternative to conventional retirement accounts which gives you guaranteed, predictable tax-free growth and retirement income with no restrictions or penalties when accessing your money. It relies on a supercharged form of dividend-paying whole life insurance that has enjoyed positive growth every single year for nearly two centuries and puts you in control of your money and finances.

Infinite Banking Is About Self-Reliance and Financial Freedom

Where most people today have been seduced into relying on the Government, Wall Street, and Banks to store and manage their savings, many are discovering a revolutionary concept that allows them to keep their family safe and financially secure as they Bank on themselves – relying solely on their own effort, resources and good sense. They are no longer pawns manipulated and exploited by a system set up to reward the self-serving agendas of Government and the plan custodians.

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The ways that Infintie Banking Concept can be used to help you gain financial peace of mind and control over your money are almost inexhaustible. Here are just a few, as featured in Pamela Yellen’s New York Times best-seller, The Bank On Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future:

  • Have a Secure Retirement without worrying about market fluctuations (or crashes)
  • Bypass banks and finance companies to finance personal and business expenses yourself and recapture the interest you now pay to financial institutions
  • Create an Emergency Fund for peace of mind
  • What’s “Better than Debt Free?” Reduce your debt while you increase your savings
  • Build a College Fund without going broke

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Do you know how much your retirement account will be worth in 10 years, 20 years, or on the day you hope to tap into it? If you’re saving for retirement the way most people do, you don’t have a clue!  You may hope it’ll be worth a certain amount, but do you actually know how much you can count on having at any given point in the future?

  • Never again suffer another losing year in your financial plan… or even a single lost day
  • Look forward to opening your account statements, because they always have good news and never any ugly surprises
  • Grow your savings by a guaranteed and predictable amount every year
  • Fire greedy bankers and credit card companies and become your own source of financing – get access to money when you need it on your terms by answering just one question: How much do you want?
  • Have a financial safety net to see you through life’s inevitable challenges and emergencies
  • Enjoy true financial security that comes from knowing you have a rock-solid financial foundation and a chunk of your hard-earned dollars in a plan that goes in only one direction – UP
  • Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the answer to the question, “Do you know what your retirement account will be worth on the day you plan to retire?”

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More than 500,000 american’s are using the Infinite Banking Concept to achieve financial security and independence. Just like these folks…

Note: The Infinite Banking Concept system uses generally available whole life policies and riders. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not a solicitation for the purchase of any insurance or financial product. All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Excess policy loans can result in termination of a policy. A policy that lapses or is surrendered can potentially result in tax consequences. Your results will be different from those shown on this website, as each Bank On Yourself plan is custom tailored. Bank On Yourself and its affiliates, directors, officers and employees have no control over the recommendations that Bank On Yourself Professionals or any financial representatives make to their respective clients, and as a result, shall not be held liable for any damages claimed as a result of decisions made by any financial representative. 

Private, closely held control of all central banks, and hence of all money creation, has allowed a very few people to control all political parties, governments, the intelligence agencies and their myriad front organizations, the armed forces, the police, the major corporations, and of course, the media. Get your complimentary copy of the “blueprint” these elites are working from.

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