As a business owner, your time is your most valuable asset. Every minute spent on tasks for which you haven’t been professionally trained is a missed opportunity to drive the growth of your business.

By entrusting your bookkeeping to a professional accountant, you will reclaim significant time and gain access to precise and timely reporting that will empower you to make informed decisions and develop strategies to fuel revenue and profit expansion. You will be able to focus your energy on high-value work where it truly matters.

What Freedomsgood Accounting Services brings to the table are cost effective and time saving solutions, expertise and accuracy in maintaining your financial records and timely insightful reporting that will arm you with the information you need to make better and more confident decisions.

While we are based in Palm Beach Gardens near West Palm Beach in Florida, we can work with small businesses anywhere in Palm Beach County, across the state of Florida or for that matter anywhere in the Nation. Cloud based technology and communications allow us to work with anyone as if we were sitting in an office at your location.

Quickbooks Online is the platform we use because its functionality, security, cost efficiency and integration with other apps is superior to any other solution on the market.

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Remote Accounting service:

Taking the accounting function completely off the owner’s plate is the goal of our service. Let’s take a closer look at the primary benefits:

Financial Records Accuracy – Accurate financial information is crucial for making good business decisions. A trained accountant/bookkeeper will ensure that the function is performed accurately so that the information needed will be available without errors or discrepancies.

Timeliness – If your books are not up to date, it is not possible to produce sound reporting; your reports simply will not accurately reflect the current state of the business finances.

Actionable Financial Information – Sound bookkeeping fundamentals provide the foundation for reliable and meaningful financial information. Customized reports provide business owners with information tailored to the individual business for identifying trends, gaging financial health, managing cash flow, optimizing operations and developing strategic planning opportunities.

Cost Savings – It may seem counterintuitive to hire a professional to take care of accounting chores. However, considering the benefits described above, along with the owners opportunity cost or the real HR cost of employees, the value proposition is considerable.

core functions we provide:

  • Capturing and Properly Coding all Bank and Credit Card Transactions
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Processing and Tax Filing
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Sales Tax Accounting and Filing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • 1099 Filings

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